Property Management

Have you got a property you want to rent out?

Don’t want all the work?

If you answered “Yes” to both questions, then carry on reading.

What can we offer you?

  • Personal Advisor, dedicated to you. – all communications about your home/letting will be through your Personal Advisor.
  • Home visit – we pride ourselves on a personal level service. We will arrange to visit you, complete all of the paperwork and make sure that you are satisfied and understand everything.
  • We will advertise your home on our website. We will take photos on your behalf and they will be used to attract tenants to your home.
  • We will source and place tenants. – We will liaise with all interested tenants, deal with all the paperwork, complete any necessary searches, arranging bonds and issue contracts.
  • We will manage all utility bills for the house.- We will manage all the bills for the house so that you don’t have to worry about this.
  • We will manage the collection of rent.- We will collect all the rents in person for those paying in cash or into our bank accounts.
  • We will pay you monthly, direct into your account. – We will pay you by the 5th of every month straight into your bank account.

What will it cost me?

A competitive Management fee (please enquire for a tailored quote)
For this fee we will give you:

  • Home visit
  • Website advertising
  • Sourcing of tenants
  • Rent collecting
  • We will cover all utility bills if you require us to take over these on your behalf through the completely managed property option.

Average 3 bedroom home on a completely managed property could earn you approx. £500 per month

More rooms you have – the more you earn.

So you could be earning as little as £500 per month – for doing nothing!

Don’t Delay, contact us today for a no obligation tailored quote!